Sunday, 29 November 2015

We've been doing some collaborative teaching and learning with Room 6 . . . a one minute claymation movie project.

The children worked together in pairs or small groups. Each step had to be signed off by a teacher.

1. They drew some characters and brainstormed plot and setting ideas.

2. They wrote a script - a narrative.

3. They drew one or two backdrops - the setting.

4. They made their characters out of play-dough.

5. They took a lot of photos using the Ipads.

6. They put the photos together to make a movie clip.

It's been really fun and the children have worked together magnificently. You wouldn't know  their were two classes in one room. We'd love to put some of the movies on the blog but may have difficulty as the clips have to be less than 100MBs.

Fantastic work everyone. :) :) :)

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