Monday, 24 November 2014

Wednesday Reading Activity

Our 'Big Book' was about a king with a problem - he had a hole in his sock. The queen provided a solution and taught the king how to knit. He knitted himself some new socks and became a contented king with warm feet! Our learners experienced a form of knitting - 'finger-knitting' and they knitted a scarf for the king's mouse.  . . . . a big thank you to our two parents who calmly and patiently helped our children learn this new skill. :)

The butterflies were drawn by some children after reading the book - Butterfly Day.

Room 9 children lead Values Assembly

Incredibly proud of the wonderful presentation and delivery at Values Assembly today. Children, you did a fantastic job . . . . :).

Tuesday, 11 November 2014


Sorry everybody for a bit of a delay with photos . . . . but here they are for the last couple of weeks! Playtime, designing flags, constructing, new ipads and apps, deep concentration and focused learners, our 'MARY TABLE', speeches brainstorm (and the speeches are coming along well - ask your child to say it for you), buddy reading with our senior buddy class (they are so kind and caring to our little ones), assembly awards (congratulations to our two recipients), trains, towers, whanau, and a spot of maths. Whew!!!! No wonder our learners need a rest at weekends. :) Have a wonderful Show Weekend, everyone.