18 February 2016 - writing numerals, ordering numbers, matching patterns and numbers.
 Great job, kids! And I like the way you can take photos of your own work. :)

The children enjoyed making shape pictures for geometry today. Then they had to draw what they had made. This was a little more challenging. Morgan like her Trapezoid flower, and Neviah realised her flower was made with hexagon shapes. Well done to you all, fantastic learning! Inigo asked what one dimensional shapes were. We found out by googling it. I learnt something too! 

I had a great video of Sias explaining his strategy to solve the COUNTING CROCODILES problem. Unfortunately it is too long and the blog won't accept it! :( However, here is an 8 second video that one of the children took of the book cover. :) You may like to get the book out of the library and have fun at home solving the problem of how many crocodiles. Remember, let your child do the thinking . . . . they are sooooo clever . . . .  :).

Counting in 2s


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