December 2015
Retelling last night's reading book - I WANT TO BE THE FOX

For the purpose of our procedural writing - writing instructions - we made a jellyfish in a bottle today. Parents, please be careful of the bottle leaking, there is food colouring in the water and it may stain your carpet . . . . maybe the jellyfish could decorate the garden? . . . . 

 Today's chapter of James and the Giant Peach by Sophia.

The moon was shining and the stars too. The peach sailed past. Lots of colourful stars in the sky in the night.


24 August 2015 Procedural Writing
Storywriting today by some of our Room 9 children. 
"Just magic. . . !"

HOW TO BE HAPPY . . . by Callum
1.     Make something funny.
2.    Have a bike ride with your mum.
3.    Remember the times when you had your own dog.

HOW TO BE HAPPY . . . by Cody
1.     Walk into your classroom to your teacher.
2.    You need to say hello.
3.    Your teacher will teach you.
4.    Your Mum will hug you.

HOW TO BE HAPPY . . . by David
1.     Play with the new friends.
2.    Play soccer.
3.    Play tag.

HOW TO BE HAPPY . . . by Inigo
1.     You need to tell a joke.
2.    You smile.
3.    You listen to your mum and dad.

HOW TO BE HAPPY . . . by Georgia
1.     Put a radio on and sing to the music.
2.    Put a smile on your face.
3.    Surprise your friends.
4.    Play with your friends.
5.    Get a camera and take a photo with your friends.

HOW TO BE HAPPY . . . by Sophia
You need your mum and dad.
1.     Run to Mum and Dad.
2.    Put your arms around your mum and dad.
3.    You’re hugging! 

There are some new stories on this page but you have to scroll down further. One story is called How full is your bucket?  and another new story is called I need my monster. Enjoy!




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