We came to meet with You

Good Morning everybody

Good bye everybody

Mary, Did You Know?

We are learning about how God gifted us with his Creation and how we can thank God by enjoying all of His creation and by caring for it. One day we went for a little walk to notice some of God's creation.

Holy Times . . . 

Just last week Fathers Michael and Graeme came to visit. It was lots of fun to meet Father Graeme. Come and visit again soon. :)

Yesterday, with our buddy class . . .


Our new song - God of Wonders . . . Happy New Year 2017

This Little Light of Mine - thinking of Te Wairua Tapu

18 February 2016
Yesterday's brainstorm about what the children know already about Jesus. We are going to be learning about Jesus Christ and thinking about what His life was like when he was a little boy. 

Welcome to Values Assembly.
We have been learning about imaginative prayer and talking to God in our hearts.
Here are some of our prayers.

Dear Jesus
Bless my family.
Dear Jesus
I hope my dad has a safe trip home. I hope my mum has a good trip home. I hope Danny has a good day. I hope Katia has a good day today. Bless me to have a good day today.
Dear Jesus
I love you because you light up the world for us.

Dear God
Please help me to be good in school.
Dear Jesus
I love my family. These are their names – Dad, Mum, Maia, Cooper and me.
I pray to you. I love you.
Dear Jesus
Everyone loves you.

Dear God and Jesus
I love you one hundred per cent.  We love God and Jesus.
Please help me to be kind and loving to other people and help me to care for other people.
Dear Jesus
I am so happy to be back at school to see my friends. I had a happy holiday. I love you.

La Mora
Dear God
I hope my sister has a great day and I hope Miss Singleton gets blessed and I  hope that the flowers will grow. I hope my mum and dad have a great day and I hope my cousin has a great day and I hope we go to the pool. I love God and I love Jesus.


Dear God
Thanks for my friends and family.

Dear Jesus
I hope we all have a great day.
Please help us whenever we need you.

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