Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Santa came to visit! :)

Happy Christmas, happy holidays, be good and be safe . . . . lovely children in Room 9! See you next year . . . . :)

Tornadoes from Morgan

Last pix . . . and SAFE JOURNEYS to Kerby (holidaying in the Philippines today), Neviah and Sarah (holidaying in Ireland this week).

Also, last night's prizegiving was fabulous . . .and CONGRATULATIONS to Porsche for Academic Excellence, and Sophia and Neviah for Diligence awards.

Our lemonade stand at the fair.

Callum working on the lemonade stand.

Kerby and his Dad.

Thank you Lisa and Georgia for this magnificent gift. :)

Morgan smiling for Desi . . . . arriving back in CHCH this Friday.
Farewell Morgan and we know you will have a great time at your new school. We all will miss you. Big hugs. :)

Eating the HEALTHY LUNCHBOX food that the children planned, designed menus for and then made sure they brought for lunch last week. Nothing in packets, some protein foods, and only natural sugars in fruit. Well done, children - great balanced healthy eating. 

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

The Haunted House by Adrian

One day two boys were having a walk. The two boys names were Jon and Peta. They found a mysterious house. They went inside it. In a blink of an eye the two boys vanished. Suddenly something was up the stairs. A horrible noise came from upstairs too. Suddenly a ghost came and that’s what made the boys disappear.