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WAY BACK IN MAY . . . we had gymnastics every day for nearly two weeks . . . .  one day I took the camera with me . . . here are the pix! :)

Art Gallery & Museum Trip

Speeches, Isla's new shoes, and Jessica's snail

Hinepau  -  the play - all in Te Reo Maori

Harold's Visit from Life Education

Fire Fighters Visit

Cricket fun in early September

Spelling at Reading Time

Reading Activity - If I was a . . . (Thinkers Key) lollipop, a mermaid . . . 

Firewise - True and False activity

Collaborative and Cooperative  . . . 

The Miracles Reading Group practising and performing their play on a sunny day on our classroom verandah.

For art this term we are learning how to make prints - PRINTMAKING. We began our study by creating different patterns called 'rubbings'. It was raining on this day so we had to find different textures and patterns around the classroom. Everyone really enjoyed their work.

Congratulations, Suhana, on your awards for ballet. Well done! We all enjoyed hearing all about it.

This term, Term 3, 2017 . . . .we are exploring creative dance. In this group of pictures we had been talking about the elements of dance - 
Body awareness - What?; Space - Where?;  Time, Energy - When and How; 
Relationships - With whom or  What? 

Creating, making and reading . . . . some very happy people!

Lachlan, you are a great listener and learner! :)

Making fruit kebabs so that we can write INSTRUCTIONS on how to make them. It was Molly or Kate's idea that we make them. Thanks, girls! Everyone loved them . . . .Yum!

Puss in Boots - theatre performance with NZ Playhouse

Who are the characters in this play?
What did Puss in Boots do for a job?
Who bear-napped Justin Bieberbear?
What were Hansel and Gretel doing?
What was your favourite part of the performance?


Fairytale Forensics


Science Alive came to visit and the children explored the science of forensics . . . 
Students gathered information by doing a number of different scientific experiments throughout the session and the results were recorded on a star chart. The gathered information along with their own thinking and reasoning was used within their class group to solve the mystery. Students explained their answer using evidence from the tests they had done. Students did tests in small groups and could therefore compare and discuss their results with the rest of the class. 

The children  - 
  • Predicted, observed, compared and recorded to complete an investigation.
  • Observed colour changes and identified acids and bases using an indicator.
  • Tested and compared the ink samples using chromatography.
  • Demonstrated and described what happened when powders were dissolved in water.
  • Observed and analysed patterns and soil composition in a shoe print.

23 March 2017 GYMNASTICS . . . final week this week.

Thank you so much to all the wonderful parents that have helped walk our children
 to and from gymnastics, each week.

READING TIME - and a spot of discussion! :)


13 March 2017

Jessica comes to school with a fabulous creation from her reading book. We loved it!

Dance and movement with Leah - a one-off visit.
Thank you heaps, Leah, for your time, energy and smiles.
We loved it!

Exploring construction with House of Blocks  - 11 May 2016

13th April 2016

8 April

2 April 2016

Exploring fractions . . . 

Chanel loves practising her letters and words . .  :)

Some 'experts' from Room 12 came to visit to share what they had learned about our Lenten/Inquiry study about Cambodia. Thank you, you knew heaps! Your talks were very interesting. :)

We joined our buddy class, Room 6, and listened to some of their wonderful stories they had written. Thank you so much . . . We enjoyed our time in your room. :)

Counting in 2s

Story writing time

Mr Aberhart's birthday

Picasso - style Portraits - Great effort kids! 

Counting in 2s - great work, Lewis! :)

Congratulations, James, on your new baby sister, Madeline. :)

17th March 2016
Busy day today with . . . Caritas talk,gymnastics, St Patrick's Day parade and a bit of fraction work also . . . and lots of other snapshots of our school days over the last two weeks including book cover designs for WORLD BOOK DAY.

Creative Drawing 

Maths time . . . 

Snapshots from the last week or two . . . . 28 February 2016
Art - drawing portraits; Happy birthday to Tracey; talking about Jesus when He was a child and comparing His life to children's lives now; story writing; reading activities; and a wonderful visit to see some budgies - a big thank you to Onel's parents. :)

GLIMPSES . . .  . 

15 February - An overdue update. :)

La Mora had her last day on Friday . . . . . Goodbye, La Mora and we wish you and your family a wonderful new adventure in Australia. Big hugs . . .  :)

Bits and Bobs during Week 9 Term 4 2015 

11 December - Callum's Creation

LAST WEEK we had some St Thomas of Canterbury School students visit us to share the stories they had written and illustrated. Our children were intrigued and entranced as you can see by the photos. Thanks very much, boys, for your wonderful tales and illustrations. :)

Reading about beekeeping . . . . 


December 2015
Some new patterns . .

Photos - early September . . . . 


                                             Neviah, I love how mum did your hair today. :)

                          I caught these lovelies at morning tea playing and working so happily together.
                          I had to take a photo as it was a wonderful picture of community and collegiality.

                                                    Our wonderful kapahaka group!
                        Here is the link to see their performance at the Cultural Festival on
                                       Friday, 4 September 2015. They were fabulous!

                                                         Our Lady of Victories School

                                Nico, Mum, Nana Annie and Cooper. Happy Birthday Lolly cake for us all!
                                           It was the best I've ever tasted. YUM! Thanks, Jo. :)

                                         For technology the children designed and then
                                         made fruit kebabs. The criteria was  - the kebab
                                         had to be colourful, healthy (with one treat)
                                         and taste delicious. I thought they looked fabulous,
                                         and so did the children. They ate them as quick as
                                         a wink! :)

Photos  - Late August 2015

                                                        Maths Problem Solving on Fridays

                              They all just looked so lovely on Tuesday morning - I had to take a photo.

                                                           Very busy . . . . deep in thought!

                                                           Poster for Desi from Morgan
                                                           Sorry about the spelling, Desi!

                                             Children making shape pictures for Geometry.

        Above is actually a kitchen that Neviah designed and she can tell you exactly what everything is.                                              I thought it was a great 'landscape' picture.

                                    Brother Arthur came to visit. See Week 7's newsletter on the school website                                               details about the beautiful gift Brother made for us.

                                            Grumble, grumble!! I found all this lovely food
                                                thrown away!!! Grrrr..........

P.E. on Fridays - small balls skills.

                                              Maths problem solving


                                             Geometry - exploring shapes, classifying shapes
                                             into groups, naming shapes, identifying new shapes.


                                                  Our resident artist illustrates our journey
                                                  through our class book - James and the
                                                  Giant Peach. I love your beautiful drawings,
                                                  Sophia. Thank you! :)

                                                    Neviah drew a lovely card for her Mum
                                                    about what we were learning about Baptism

                                             For technology the children were designing
                                             fruit kebabs for lunchbox ideas. They had to be
                                             healthy (with one sweet treat), colourful and
                                             taste delicious. Our next step is to make a bar graph
                                             of the ingredients we need. Next week we will make the kebabs,
                                             check they match the original design, modify them if necessary,
                                             eat them, evaluate whether they met the criteria and discuss the
                                             technology process with each other.

Is it really the end of Week 5 already???

                                             As part of our Art - Collage unit the children made
                                             some 'FUNNY FACES'. :)

                                           We are up to about Chapter 28 of James and the Giant Peach.
                                           You can see the Ladybird, the Centipede and the Slug and
                                           some of the centipede's many gumboots.

Tantrix Puzzle. You can buy this fabulous game and set of puzzles
at Whitcoulls. 

                                                   Our first collage project - each child made a
                                                   face collage 'tile' and then we put them all together
                                                   to make this very large poster.

                                              Making a newspaper structure  for technology
                                             that will stand up by itself.


                                                           "My tooth came out!"

 For our Inquiry unit using the technology process children have been designing, building, testing,     evaluating, modifying, re-testing and evaluating their work. Their first task was to design and build a newspaper structure that would stand up and hold a lego man on it. Their second task was to design and build a bridge that could hold a toy car. The children have put a lot of effort and persistence into their work. They also have been working in pairs or groups or independently. Working with others requires cooperation and communication. Well done, all. :)

First week at school - Term 3. The children have been busy taking photos - mostly of their 'structures'  for our Technology unit this term - some amazing building going on - future architects, engineers and city planners here in our class! :) And lunch in the sun.
 Hi to Arya, in Wellington. We all miss you but we know you will be making lots of new friends at your new school. :) :) :)

Here are some of the children's 'inquiry' topic animal presentations. Their posters were excellent and their presentations were wonderful. A photograph and hard copy of their posters are in their portfolios and the original posters are on the wall in the classroom. 

End of Term 2 - Happy Holidays everyone. :)

And more of the action for June . . . 

A challenge to design a flying and floating bike . . . just imagine!!

A visit from our Maths Advisor, Fran. :)

Callum's fabulous linking with the Tantrix Tiles (you can buy these from Whitcoulls. Fantastic!) You did a great job, Callum, making sure every colour joined up to the same colour. :)

The girls constructing an intricate structure one day . . with a big story attached.

Painting on Monday - NEON ZEBRAS and TIGERS . . .  colour mixing and restrained use of paint.

The latest game-craze in Room 9 - Dodgeball.

A visit from Father Sam today telling us about the Parish Priest's role which is part of our study about The Church in R.E. this term.

A Bit of This and That . . . for June

HAPPY 6th BIRTHDAY, Morgan and thank you for the cake. YUM!

Making cylinders to fit exactly 12 cubes for maths!

Brainstorming ideas for sounds to compose percussion music to . . . . and they did and it was great!

I love this boat, Callum . . . . inspired I think by a book he was reading . . :)

Andrea's Orana Park Pix

Thanks, Andrea, for these delightful photos. :)

Bell Ringers 

Baby Bear's New Toy - A Play


Lots of Amazing Creativity, Curiosity and Exploration 

Puppet theatre and filming of plays; counter design; horse brainstorms; a "what if" there was no electricity reading homework brainstorm; zebra art; Where's Wally art; a mask; a Mr Wonka portrait for storywriting - our class story is Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (and we are up to the chocolate river and fountain and the first sighting of the Oompa Loompas!); investigating heavy and light for Maths; music and percussion instruments; and experiencing the joy of God's creation on a frosty morning. :)


Thanks so much, Jo, for your kindness and generosity with your time and energy helping us to plant seeds and decorate the pots. The children excitedly inspect their growing plants each day and diligently water each pot-plant with the required 5 sprays each day.

8 May pix including a visit from our wonderful new principal, Mr Aberhart, who came to visit and read us a story; some 'learning through play'; some storywriting; some 're-telling' with pictures; experimenting with the colour wheel; Morgan's loose tooth; (and a big "hello, how are you" to Desi (Morgan's Grandma in South Africa); ; mask-making; congratulations to Georgia; Counting Crocodiles problem-solving; drama - roaring lions, chattering monkeys; slithering snakes;

Some problem solving maths about 13 beans, some reading - the kids are fascinated with the new National Geographics, some thinking and categorising living and non-living things which is starting off our Inquiry topic, The Living World; some recording of our powhiri; some pix of our ANZAC liturgy and memorial to those who died in World War 1 and a fantastic personal visit with Miss Singleton - all in 3 days!!!

Latest pix since last posting . . . 

All sorts of learning is going on . . . :)

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