Saturday, 19 August 2017

The Lovelies . . .

The latest from Room 9 and heaps of new pix on the NEW PIX page . . .

I spied some diamonds glistening in the mist . . . 

Jessica's Player of the Day trophy and certificate for rugby.

The ducks were out too and came to visit us.

Mr Aberhart getting soaked in last week's rain, clearing the flooded path!

John's awesome car!

Saturday, 5 August 2017

Father Michael and Father Graeme came to visit . .

We loved having our two parish priests come to visit and were delighted to meet Father Graeme, our new priest. Come and visit us again soon. :)
More pix of this visit are on our RE page.

Visiting Friends

Thanks, Callum, (and Nico) for sharing your pets with us. They were lovely little rodents and what a wonderful cage you have for them. We enjoyed learning how you care for your pets and how you exercise them. 

Celebrating Matariki

Last term we celebrated Matariki and with our buddy class we made some collaborative posters that now decorate our wall. :)

FROSTY MORNINGS! And some new pix on the NEW PIX page. :)