Thursday, 18 May 2017

Hello, little lovelies!

Hi everybody . . . how are you all?

I hope you are all learning lots, having fun, and being the awesome lovelies you always are!

I am in Mississippi, USA. It is very hot - about 28 degrees each day and night! Our house is 2 blocks from the ocean. The area we stay in is called the Gulf Coast. I am loving it here and I am very fortunate to be visiting my family here.

Last weekend we went into a big city called New Orleans. It is in the state of Louisiana. We went to a show called FINDING NEVERLAND. It was exciting, colourful and wonderful. The story is about the man who wrote PETER PAN. His name was James Barrie. The play tells of how playing imaginative games with children of his friend  inspired him to write Peter Pan. The pirates were really exciting and a bit scary! :)

Here is a photo of my aunt and me at our local coffee shop.

Big hugs to everyone . . . .