Sunday, 1 November 2015

I'm sorry everyone . . . . it has been SO LONG since I've updated the blog . . . WELCOME TO TERM 4!!! :)

Dear parents, caregivers and children

WELCOME to Term 4! Before we know it the term will be over and it will be 16th December so let’s learn, learn, learn and enjoy being together in Room 9 and at Our Lady of Victories School.

For Religious Education this term we have started with Saints and Inspiring People. We are discussing what makes saints holy and how can we be like saints in our daily lives, at school, at home and everywhere. And today is ALL SAINTS DAY!
Next we will move on to Advent and then Christmas.

In our topic inquiry we are learning about FANTASTIC FOOD – Food and Nutrition. We had two visits to the Life Education classroom caravan and met Harold, much to the children’s delight. The children learnt a great little song about what makes us healthy – ask them to sing it for you with the actions. Eventually, the children will design a healthy lunchbox menu and maybe bring that ‘food-lunchbox’ to ‘show and tell’ one day. This will be near the end of term.

Story-writing this term is focusing on how to write explanations. We are starting off with discussion about why we have to wear seatbelts in cars and then we will write about it.

Maths/numeracy and reading are our core subjects and we continue with our group learning. The children are making excellent progress. They should be able to tell you what level they are reading at. Encourage lots of discussion about the story and ask lots of ‘why’ questions. Our goal is for them to really think and talk about what they are reading. Most of the children are no longer learning to read, they are now reading to learn. Wonderful! J Numeracy is also going well with enthusiastic and dedicated learners. Again, we focus on the why and how children are working out problems. How did you get that? Show us. They are encouraged to discuss and justify their answers by explaining the strategy they have used to others in their group.

Swimming is in Week 5 and Week 6. Heartfelt thanks to parents who are able to help walk our children to and from swimming. Our swimming time is at 12.40pm so we will leave school about 12.20pm and be back about 1.30pm. Please make sure your children have a dry towel and dry swimmers each day and that anything they wear or bring is named including socks and shoes. Many thanks for that.

Athletics was fabulous on Friday. The children really impressed me with their skills, determination and good spirits. And again, thank you to parents for their support and assistance.

Our school/parish mass is on Sunday 8th November at 10am. We really appreciate you bringing your children to mass that day. They wear school uniform and sit with their class. We meet outside the classroom at 9.45am before mass and walk over together as a school.

Isn’t it lovely having Spring and Summer with us? It certainly makes everyone happy and brings light to us all.

Your children continue to make wonderful progress on their exciting journey of life and learning and it is a privilege to be part of their daily life as they move forward and embrace adventure with open arms.

Best wishes to you all.


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