Some of the children's delightful stories - Week 8 - 23 March 2015

I saw a pirate ship and then I hopped on the island. The island was called Treasure Island. The treasure island had treasure of course. The treasure had diamonds. The diamonds were glowing and they were shining and I brought them on my pirate ship.
By Lorenzo

I went to the beach. Then I looked for some shells. Then we played in the water and it was fun and we loved it. Then we played in the sand too.
By Angelina

On the weekend I went for a walk in the park and I saw a cat in the park and the colour of the cat was black and white.
By Sophia

Today I went to the beach. I saw a rainbow. I went over the top of the rainbow. Sias came too.
By Chilli

I went to the beach but I didn’t build a sand castle. It was fun and my dad and my mum came too.
By Emily

I went to get pizza. There was cheese pizza. There was pepperoni pizza. I love it. I had fun.
By Liam

First I went with Gandolf to the village with Frodo. Next I had a battle. They were dangerous. They looked red and brown.
By Joseph

I went to swimming lessons with my sister. Her name is Emily. I saw Francesca. I was practising kicking. I got dressed.
By Lucy

I like my toy car and it is a remote control and it can do flips and it can do jumps and it has boosters.
By Lewis

Children's stories - Week 5 .........  3 March 2016

Children's stories - Week 3.

January 2016

20 November 2015

What if  . . . there was no school? By La Mora

19 November 2015

Here's a story from Callum.  He wrote it from his imagination and spent a few days on it - he even asked to take it home and work on it there. It's very scary . . . .  so watch out!

MONSTER by Callum

One night on Halloween a scary tough strong monster sneaked out of the rain forest. Trick and treaters dropped their baskets and ran into their homes. The monster smashed through the house. The people in the house screamed. Wait, something's happening to the monster. The monster changed into a dinosaur. Everyone stared at the dinosaur. The dinosaur almost got everyone except the super red KNIGHT used his sword to defeat the monster and he wins. He is the first person to beat the monster.

17 November 2015
We are learning to write EXPLANATIONS  this term. Adrian asked for his story to be published on the blog today. He did a great job! And I love the sun shining so brightly on his school in his illustration. :) And I really like how he has put full stops at the end of each of his sentences. :)

By Adrian

We go to school so we can learn. There are lots of schools. There are some pre-schools and high schools too. Schools are for learning so we can't be lazy.

Miss Singleton's Birthday storywriting


Sophia’s Story
I saw a zebra.  It had black stripes.

Callum’s Story – The Zoo
Room 9 and Room 10 and Room 1 all went on a bus. When all of us got there we went to zoo school and my favourite animal was the rhinoceros. And it was very fun.

Sias’ Story – Orana Park
I love the lions at the zoo. I saw a Tazmanian Devil. We went to the rhinos and the meerkats and the giraffes.


Dream World by Georgia
I fed a kangaroo. It tickled my hand. I giggled and giggled til I stopped. We sat on a tiger.


Zoo by Cody
I saw the Tasmanian Devils. They can bite through steel.

Zoo by Neviah
Room 9 and Room 1 and Room 10 went to the zoo. We saw Tazmanian Devils at the zoo. And I liked the meerkats. Then I went and read a book.


Zoo is Fun by Inigo
I went to the zoo. It was fun. The Tazmanian Devils had sharp teeth. I like the zoo, it was so fun.

The Zoo by Kerby
We went to the zoo and we saw some tigers and I went to a different place and in it was Tazmanian Devils. And we went to the zoo school.

Orana Park by Mickalos
I saw a giraffe and we found all of the giraffes and we saw some monkeys and we saw a sharp horn from a rhino.


Tazmanian Devils by Nico
I saw some Tazmanian Devils and they had sharp teeth.

Orana Park by Arya
On Thursday Room 1, Room 9 and Room 10 went to Orana Park. We took a bus to get there. When we got there we saw some coaches. The coaches are people from the park who take us around to see all the animals and learn about them. One was standing up high on a stone. They opened the gate. We walked silently. We stopped like soldiers. We heard a strange sound. It sounded like a Tazmanian Devil. A Tazmanian Devil is tiny. They have sharp teeth. Next stop we saw some giraffes. Some were frustrated. We fed them with leaves. The coach said their habitat is the rainforest. They can kick. They can lick people. Last we saw some meerkats.  Meerkats can dig fast, faster than a busy bee. They have sensitive ears to hear.


Here are some photos the children have taken of their favourite stories
 that they have been reading this term.

Tayla, is this you reading this? Great job! :)
 And I think the hedgehog story above might be yours too.

Callum, that sounds interesting. I used to eat delicious seaweed in Samoa. It was considered a delicacy. Yummmmmmm!! :)
 And straight after your story, Calum, I think there's two stories by Georgia and then a scary one by JP.

David, that was clever to put your name at the top of the page on the Ipad . . now we know straight away whose story it is. :)


 Adrian, thank you for reading JUST LIKE GRANDPA to us. :)

K.L. I loved listening to you reading all about Kitty Cat. :)

The children have been publishing their storywriting using Book Creator on the Ipads and they also are using Book Creator to practise reading their reading books from their browsing boxes. Great reading everyone. Morgan, I think your little brother Jase will enjoy listening to you read THE BIG JAR OF BUTTER. You read it beautifully. :)

Callum's Pirate Story

SOPHIA'S first story . . . . . . 
This is the story that inspired us to use the BOOK CREATOR app on our Ipads to 'publish' our writing this term. We are all enthusiastic and fantastic writers in this class. . . . . as you will see eventually with the story . . . OUR GREAT ADVENTURE by Morgan (Yet to be published). It's a very scary story . . . . 

Mark's Story - My Brother

THE HEDGEHOG, by Sophia  and ...... THE HEDGEHOG by Adrian . . . two for one  - all in the same clip. :)

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